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I am excited to be offering six weeks of Spanish for Kids instruction through Zoom starting next week, May 19 through June 25. There will be two options of classes- Tuesday Morning or Thursday Afternoon. My classes are typically once a week but your child is invited to attend both classes so you get double the instruction for your tuition. The classes within each week will be similar but with different vocabulary and activities. The tuition is $95. or $150. with a sibling discount. You can send payment through PayPal by clicking on the enrollment link above.
Email me with any placement questions please.
Tuesday- 9AM Beginner (K-3rd)
10AM Intermediate (mature 3rd-5th)
11AM Advanced- by invitation only
Thursday- 12:30 PM Beginner
1:30PM Intermediate
2:30PM Advanced
I look forward to working with your children!



Learning Spanish can improve your child’s overall school performance and give them a competitive edge when entering the workforce. Children who have foreign language instruction often have superior problem-solving skills and score statistically higher on standardized tests such as the SAT, particularly on the verbal section of the test.   Learning Spanish can also make acquiring the next foreign language easier.

Broaden your child’s horizons by enrolling them today!

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